About Me

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well”, quoted Virginia Woolf, and this became the motto I wish to follow for my home and my life.

Hello friends, I am Ishita Asher, who left Mumbai, her parents' cocoon and moved to Toronto in 2014, to be with hubby dearest. No more a caterpillar, I had to spread my wings to this new horizon and make it home. One of the biggest challenges I faced in this transition, is to feed our stomachs. I have always been a lover for all things food, be it TV shows, recipes books, and my mother's kitchen, but seeing myself as a cook was something I had not imagined. 

However, here I am sharing my culinary journey, from my home kitchen. Thank you for dropping by and hope you enjoy reading my vegetarian diary and trying my recipes.

Adding a new feather to my cap I have also started vegetarian and vegan lifestyle consulting.

We offer the following services across the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle Consulting
  • Cooking Demos for private and corporate events
  • Customised Jams, Pickles, Dips and Dry Snacks
  • Catering Orders

Contact us on ishita74@hotmail.com